3 Forty Fifth Residences - LOCATION

3 Forty Fifth Residences is located in Alabang , Muntinlupa City.

The location is one of the most important things that any developer must focus on for the comfort and convenience of the residents. Top Market developers have also focused on the same and ensured that the property developed is at a prime location that is close to all regular things. It strategically located along the Alabang area of the Muntinlupa City and is close to the city but still away from all the unnecessary chaos. It is a perfect place for professionals, students and expanding families. 

The residential condominium is very close to a number of schools and universities that makes it very convenient for the students. It has a number of educational institutions like St. Bernadette College of Alabang, STI Alabang, Virgin Mary Immaculate School, Anima Christi Center and Alabang Elementary School. All of these schools are within the radius of 1 km and thus students do not have to hassle and rush.

There are many hospital and medical centers in close proximity like Belo Medical Group, San Roque Medical Clinic, The Aivee Clinic, Megason Diagnostic Clinic and Healthway which are again within 1 km radius of the place. There is never a dull moment as there are many places to go out for entertainment, movies, malls and others. With a number of religious places like churches, financial institutions and banks, it is a comfortable neighborhood that residents get access to.

There are a number of dining place along with restaurants to go with friends and families like Bacolod Chicken Inasal, BBB Burger, Pancake House, Nostalgia Restaurant and North Park. It is perfect for having a good a casual meal or fine dinner. There are many malls and shopping centers close by that helps residents to go for their daily shopping. This makes living in the residential condominium comfortable and convenient for the residents.

There are a number of supermarkets around the residential property like South Supermarket Alabang complex, Shopwise, Festival Supermall, Victory Shopping Center and SR Membership Shopping. This makes life a little easy and comfortable for the residents as they don’t have to travel miles and miles simply to buy groceries. It is even close to public transport transit with different types of public conveyance connecting Alabang to many other cities around the Philippines. It is located in a prime location and can be easily accessed through the national highway. There are a number of projects and residential complex that are closely associated with the residential condominium.

Restaurants :

  • Bacolod Chicken Inasal - 0.19 km
  • BBB Burger - 0.29 km
  • Nostalgia Restaurant - 0.33 km
  • North Park - 0.47 km
  • Pancake House - 0.52 km

Supermarkets :

  • South Supermarket Alabang Complex - 0.49 km
  • Shopwise - 0.55 km
  • Victory Shopping Center - 0.60 km
  • Festival Supermall - 0.71 km
  • SR Membership Shopping - 0.77 km

Schools :

  • St. Bernadette College of Alabang - 0.72 km
  • STI Alabang - 0.83 km
  • Anima Christi Center - 0.89 km
  • Virgin Mary Immaculate School - 0.96 km
  • Alabang Elementary School - 1.00 km

Hospitals :

  • Belo Medical Group - 0.63 km
  • The Aivee Clinic - 0.82 km
  • Healthway - 0.85 km
  • San Roque Medical Clinic - 0.88 km
  • Megason Diagnostic Clinic - 0.91 km
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